Become the Most Confident You in 7 days

By Missandrada.com

by Peter Mansour

Self-confidence gets you through some of the most challenging moments in life. You might be preparing for an important interview, you may be thinking of launching your own business or you might be having some moments of self-doubt for absolutely no reason. If your self-belief is not very strong, chances are that you will end up feeling more anxious, stressed and moody. The truth is, no one is born super confident… or at least the majority of people are not. But you know what? That’s absolutely fine because self-confidence can be mastered. There’s nothing you

 can’t achieve if you put your mind to it.

Now, the questions is, do you feel that lately you have been struggling with believing in yourself? Have you experienced moments when anxiety would hit you so hard that you find it challenging to keep going and have a positive attitude? Does it seem as if everyone else is successful whilst you sink? Well, if the answer to one of these questions is ‘yes’, we’ve got something for you.

We’d love for you to meet Andrada – lifestyle blogger at missandrada.com and @notagirlygal on Instagram. She started her journey with self-confidence back in high-school and worked on improving her trust in her own powers throughout university and during her first jobs in London. Andrada was always doubting herself and didn’t think she has what it takes to succeed. Until one day, when she moved on her own at 19 in the U.K and was proven that she can be successful if she continues to push through and believe in herself.

If you’d meet her and you’d lay down your self-doubs, you’d probably hear her say that there’s nothing wrong with you and you just need to believe in yourself (and the Universe) with all your power. Ever since she became more confident, she decided to start empowering other people into creating a life they absolutely love. And she succeeded. Andrada touched on many lives until this day and she’s ready to help you become your most confident self in just 7 days!

How can you take part?

We partnered with Andrada to create a 7-day challenge focusing on you becoming your most confident self. Every day, for 7 days, you will be receiving a daily task which can be completed in only 10-15 minutes.

Here’s how you can join:

Step 1 – Download the ifUiWill app from your AppStore or Google Play or go the website and join.

Step 2 – Join the challenge below

Step 3 – Write your daily check-in and become accountable with our community

Do it together

And the best part is that you get to do this together with the ifuiwill community, so you’re not alone in this. Are you ready to become your most confident self?

Join Andrada’s 7-day challenge here and start creating a life you love.

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