Create Your Challenge Today!

by Peter Mansour

Create a Challenge and engage your community Today!

Why ifUiWill?

Doing a challenge on social media alone isn't good enough

ifUiwill gives you accountability

What's the point in doing a challenge if there is no accountability? ifUiWIll track your check-ins and you completion rates. Finish the challenge and win a badge!

ifuiwill gives your challenge structure

Challenges required regular check-ins, measurement, and tracking. Add more structure to your social media campaign with ifUiWill!

Manage your challenge

ifUiWill Premium enables you to connect directly to your participants through scheduled emails, moderating tools, check-in acceptance and more!

ifUiWill Free Tier

ifUiWill is totally free for basic challenges. It's the perfect solution for completing challenges and commitments with your friends. Set your commitments and be accountable today!

  • Challenges can have up to 10 participants.  
  • Challenges must also have both and ifU and iWill component, though you may choose to make them both the same.
  • Challenges can be created through your mobile app or from the ifUiWill.com website

ifUiWill Pro Account- Only $14.99 / month

The perfect solution for running a challenge if you are an influencer trying to grow your base of a charity trying to engage you community.

  • Unlimited participants
  • Leader boards
  • Team challenge
  • Premium Challenges
  • Donations
  • Always Active Challenges that don’t have a set beginning or end date
  • Send e-mails to your participants
  • Manage your challenges: approve check-ins, delete posts, invite or ban participants
  • Access to you e-mail list

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