Creators Chat Episode 1: Lloyd Ellett (@Lightning_Lloyd)

Co-host Sandra Perez (@whateverinblack)

by Peter Mansour

This was a great episode to kick-off our Creators Chat podcast.  My co-host for this podcast was Sandra Perez, who goes by @whateverinblack on Instagram.  Sandra was a blast to have on this one, and she will surely be back.  In addition to being a photographer, videographer, and model, Sandra is a CrossFit BEAST and a great cook as well.

We met each other through our gym, but got to know each other much better as she started giving me advice of nutrition, travel, and working out. It was great having Sandra as a guest co-host on this fitness related episode.

Our guest for this podcast was Lloyd Ellett.  Lloyd goes by @Lightning_Lloyd on Instagram.  Lloyd was a professional boxer in the UK. Lloyd is awesome!  After hanging up his gloves, he started posting boxing workout videos on Instagram and in a really short time, amassed 31K followers.  His audience continues to grow and he now offers training programs to his followers are Instagram.  As an aside, he is currently hosting a 7-day boxing challenge on ifUiWill, starting November 15th.  Don’t sleep on this one, it’s going to be awesome. Where else do you get to train with a professional boxer for 7 days for free??

This was a great discussion with Lloyd.  We learned about how he got his start in boxing and how is career progressed.  I also learned what it feels like getting hit in the face. From his description, I think I’ll pass.  He offered to give me a firsthand experience, but I politely demurred.

We also discussed the challenges of becoming a first time Internet creator. Lloyd talked about how he got his start, how he plans his content, and how he films his sessions.  He also talked about how he learned to grow his audience and tools he uses to engage his following (like ifUiWill.com ).


It was fantastic discussion with Lloyd and we look forward to having him back again.  Maybe as a guest co-host next time! We hope you enjoy this episode

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