Episode 3: Jen Bell (@JenBellYoga)

With Sandra Perez (@Whateverinblack)

by Peter Mansour

Happy New Year everybody! Welcome back to Creators Chat! We

 took a little break for the holidays but we are really looking forward to a great year with a bunch of fantastic guests. And speaking of the New year, I’m sure a bunch of you are kicking off your Resolutions. You know the best way to stick to your resolution is by having an accountability partner. And the best way to track your accountability is with the ifUiWill app. It’s a lot of fun, you can set up regular check-ins, and you can invite others to join. It’s always better than doing something alone.

This episode was a lot of fun. Our guest was Jen Bell who goes by @Jenbellyoga on Instagram. Jen is just awesome. I don’t know how she does it all. Yoga coach, mom, Internet creator, and world traveler. 

Jen was a collegiate cheerleader.  When her husband got stationed overseas in the military, she started looking for other athletic outlets.  That’s when she discovered yoga.

It was never Jen’s intention to become an Internet Creator, but when the Covid lockdown came she started posting more on Instagram.  Then she started collaborating with a great group of women and launching yoga challenges.  That’s when her following really took off.

It was also great to hear about her struggles and work with infertility through Orchid Experience and work with veterans and military families teaching yoga therapy through Peace Through Strength Yoga Academy. It is always such a pleasure to talk to Jen. 

Once again, I was joined by Sandra Perez, my friend here in Mallorca, Spain. Make sure to check her out @whateverinblack on Instagram. Sandra is a CrossFit beast, photographer, travel junkie and IG model. Make sure to check her out on Instagram.

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