Episode 1: Brad Robertson of Save the Med

The Do Together Podcast

by Peter Mansour

This first episode of The Do Together Podcast was a great one!  We had the privilege of interviewing the Co-Founder of Save the Med, Brad Robertson! 

Brad hails from Australia.  When he moved to Mallorca, he started out as a dive instructor, working on the yachts that visited the pristine water of the Balearics.  Over time, he found more and more of his emphasis was on teaching marine conservation, and over time Save the Med was born.

This was a wide-ranging discussion where Brad discussed the challenges of a first time NGO co-founder.  He illustrated the difficulty of navigating this new world and finding initial partners to help him kick-start their mission.

Brad also discussed the importance of regeneration over pure conservation.  It was enlightening to listen to his balanced philosophy- moderation over abstinence. He discussed the importance of  respecting the local culture of fisherman and partnering with them as stewards of the sea.

Save the Med is doing some great work, so make sure you visit them at www.Savethemed.org.

Also, Save the Med is launching a beach photo contest Nov 13th-Dec 4th.  Go to ifUiwill.com to sign up.  The 5 pictures with the highest votes will receive free hotel stays at one of 6 luxury Mallorca hotels.  Make sure to get your friends to vote!

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